Cal-Ed Federal Credit Union
Not for profit, Not for Charity, But for Service

Mission Statement

The Cal-Ed Federal Credit Union is a member-owned financial cooperative seeking to meet the needs of our membership by providing affordable, competitive services. In achieving this we will maintain stability and growth, while remaining committed to the credit union philosophy of "Member Helping Member."

Cal-Ed Credit Union will continue to act responsibly with the funds with which it is entrusted: Making prudent decisions, judiciously investing funds, and maintaining strong earnings. In so doing, Cal-Ed Federal Credit Union will sustain its strong equity position. This is desirable for several reasons:

However, maintaining safety and soundness will also require a renewed appreciation on the part of Cal-Ed Federal Credit Union's members of the true implications of credit union membership. Traditionally, individuals joined credit unions to benefit mutually themselves and other members. Following this premise, services must be designed and priced so that all members, while benefiting from their association with the credit union, also contribute to the common good.

Accomplishing Cal-Ed Federal's mission statement also requires a competent, dedicated staff committed to the credit union philosophy. Therefore, employees will be providing the tools necessary to best serve members. This includes adequate training, access to technological advances, and compensation levels which reflect job performance.

Commitment to member needs, combined with strong financial and human resources will ensure Cal-Ed Federal Credit Union's leadership position in the credit union movement and community.